The BUSINESS OF MEDICINE has become increasingly complex for medical facilities’ requiring additional staff and specialty vendors to remain compliant. Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS specializes in recommending workflows and policies to reduce or eliminate these risks within your facility. Insurance Billing Solutions is constantly challenged by HHS to remain up-to-date with the complex laws, rules, and regulations that medical facilities are required to adhere to. With over 15 years of experience, Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS have developed strategies to communicate these changes and updates to the medical provider and staff to facilitate increased proficiency and reduced risk.

INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS looks forward to provide our “medical billing service+” by becoming your partner of choice.

To be the leading medical billing company by instituting our “medical billing service+” to benefit medical practices by increasing cash flow, lowering audit risk and enhancing patient relations.

Our mission is to seamlessly transition our “medical billing service+” with minimal interruption to your practice and no loss of cash flow so that you can be free of financial worries allowing you to focus on serving your patients. Our mission is also to provide Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS to Medical Professionals in a profound, personal, effective, and timely effort.  We will accomplish this by committing our values and principles to build a partnership with our clients, achieving shared growth and prosperity.
Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS will promise to do our best, to exceed client expectations, to process claims and accounts receivables quickly and effectively, and to assist our clients always.

Trustful: We assure you that you can rely on our character, ability, strength, and truth of Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS

Loyal: We are true to our friends, business associates, and clients.

Helpful: We are concerned about our clients and their patients. We do things willingly for our clients and their patients to benefit our business relationship.

Friendly: We are s friend to all. We seek to understand and be respectful of others.

Courteous: We are polite to everyone. We recognize that good manners make it easier for businesses to acquire shared growth and prosperity.

Thrifty: We save for unforeseen circumstances and carefully use our time properly.

Communication: We listen and communicate with care. We recognize that only through good communication our partnership will be valuable, thereby achieving shared growth and prosperity.

Keep an open mind:  For the continued improvement of our company and our relationship, we must be open to new ideas. We ask for and feedback from our clients and team members to improve the quality of our business relationships.

Meet Obligations: Regardless of the circumstances, we do everything in our power to gain the trust of past and present clients, particularly if something has gone askew. We reclaim any lost businesses by honoring all commitments and obligations.

Be respectful: We treat others with the utmost respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions. We always treat others with professional respect and courtesy.