Deductible season is here, are you ready?

Insurance Billing Solutions is prepared to make the most out of the period between January and March when collections and revenue tend to decline, and patients start ghosting you.

As a medical billing service that specializes in small medical practices, Insurance Billing Solutions helps our clients take special steps to expedite collections and reimbursements, so your medical practice maintains its cash flow and keeps your patients pleased!

How to Prepare for Deductible Season

1. Do the Insurance Research 

How often have your patients forgotten to inform the front desk of their new insurance? A new job or new year can mean new insurance plans for patients, so it must be part of your check-in and check-out process to be verifying for eligibility and benefits even before patients go to your office. As a good habit, scan insurance cards every first visit of the year. This makes it easier to get you in front of any changes, plus it guarantees you to have accurate information for billing purposes when out-of-pocket costs are at their peak due to yearly deductibles.

We recommend verifying insurance carriers online or by phone before the patient appointment so any changes or updates can be handled at the time of service when they arrive.

2. Improve Your Collection Policies

Have you tried collecting patient balances before you see the patient? If your patient is waiting to start their treatment, this is a good time to confirm insurance and collect payment.

Remove any delay to the process by offering to keep credit cards on file with the latest, accurate payment information for future patient balances. This makes it easier for the patients and the practice by simplifying an uncomfortable process that can be stressful for patients. Now you’re enhancing the patient experience and ensuring payment at the same time.

3. Improve the Non-Clinic Experience

There are a lot of touchpoints that influence the patient experience, and they happen without the physician around. We recommend improving your website and clearly defining what insurance your medical practice accepts and how payments are handled. Our customers have access to our Frequently Asked Questions section around patient information, with the goal to remove any ambiguity around the physician-patient experience. Also, our chatbot feature on our website helps patients start a chat with our team of experts when they have quick billing questions about their statements.

Set Your Billing Up for Success by Associating with Insurance Billing Solutions

By creating a better relationship between Insurance Billing Solutions and your patients, you create more opportunities to improve the patient experience and get paid faster.