OVERWHELMED BY YOUR BILLING? We’ll help you focus more on your PATIENTS instead of paperwork!

Our Medical Billing Services can help your medical practice to:

  • Maximize your revenue with our streamlined revenue cycle management
  • Get paid faster and with fewer errors
  • Stay compliant and reduce your risk of costly fines and penalties.
  • Enhance your patients’ experience with faster and more accurate billing statements
  • Stay on top of your practice’s financial performance with our detailed reports
  • Create workflows for underutilized revenue streams
  • Improve Clinical Documentation


Look no further than Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS to satisfy these needs.


At Insurance Billing Solutions, we’ve been providing top-quality medical billing services to healthcare providers in South Florida for over 15 years. Our experienced team of billing professionals is dedicated to helping medical practices streamline their revenues cycle management and maximize their revenue by recommending underutilized workflows, clinical documentation improvement strategies, communication platforms, and business strategies to achieve peak performance.

Over the years, medical practices have implemented business strategies that need to be continuously re-evaluated.  All must ask, “IS THERE A BETTER WAY?”  The “BUSINESS OF MEDICINE” has become increasingly complex, requiring additional staff and specialty vendors to remain compliant.  Your continued success is dependent upon new strategies and technologies that promote your practice to adapt and evolve to maintain efficiency, precision, and accuracy.  

At Insurance Billing Solutions, we believe that strong relationships are the foundation of our success. We work closely with our clients to build collaborative partnerships based on trust, communication, and mutual respect.

Our clients have experienced same day insurance filing, increased cash flow, enhanced patient relations, reduced aging reports, elevated communication platforms, new revenue streams, clinical documentation improvement strategies, improved patient statement platforms, and reduced risk to third party payor audits all targeted to make your practice more efficient, precise and accurate.

Are you considering new strategies for your medical billing department? Allow Patient & INSURANCE BILLING SOLUTIONS to communicate to you how we are different, better, and a stronger solution to increase precision, efficiency, and productivity for your medical practice.

Irma Lopez M.D
Irma Lopez M.D
ACO affiliated physician
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Insurance Billing Solutions has increased my cash flow, compliance, Doctor-patient relationship, productivity, and quality measures. They treat my patients as their customer providing clear, concise, and consistent communication.
Michael W
Michael W
Healthcare IT Specialist
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The team at Insurance Billing Solutions is dedicated to efficient Revenue Cycle Management. They are highly recommended.